Group walks approx 1 hour $25.00
Extra dog in same house $10.00

Private walks 30 minutes $20.00
Extra dog from same house $10.00

Training during private walk $35.00
Training with your pet and family $40.00
4 classes/once per week for a month $140.00

Back yard potty break approx15 minutes $15.00

Day care with a walk $30.00

Regular grooming (dog has no mats and clean)
Nail trim or teeth brushed $15.00 or both for $25.00

Pet taxi/hour $20.00
Laurie has been boarding and grooming various dogs for us over a number of years. They loved the longs walks when having their “holiday” with Laurie, and we love the fact that the grooming can get done in our own home. One of our current dogs suffers extreme stress going to the vet and we can’t imagine taking her to a salon for grooming; in-home grooming is definitely a great service! Contact information is available for additional references if required.

Laurie Nicholson